Data analysis using Tableau and Power BI

What is Data analysis using Tableau and Power BI:

While there are fans of both Tableau and Power BI constantly bickering which one is better, it most depends on the needs of the user. While Power BI is a more powerful tool and cost-friendly, Tableau offers ease of use and more visualization options.

Program Structure

pre-Learning: Before you come in, get ready for the program. You will get a series of online tutorials on basic Statistics, Python, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

60 Hours Program: Here, you will get hands-on experience in Python Programming, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning.

Post Program :Learning does not stop here. After completing the program, you will work on capstone project, case studies. Doubt clearing session is provided post program. You will be working on any 1 capstone project from the list of few projects on your choice.

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